A story : the devil rides the bus

Sofia is a brilliantly talented writer who is currently studying at the University of Leeds. As well as kindly writing for us, she also writes for her awesome blog 'Sun, Sexism and Suspicious Intentions'. The blog focuses on Sofia's interests with subjects spanning from poetry to Tinder.

This month, Sofia tackles our theme 'Journey' with a mindful story about the Devil en route to work. See if you become as immersed in his tricks as the poor gentleman in this tale...

Read all about it below

The Devil rides the bus and recently, on his way to work, he has been making an effort not to look at his phone so much; social media isn’t good for the brain. Instead, he has started doing Sudoku, but only easy ones so that he feels satisfied, which is cheating really. He claims Sudoku improves the brain, but not if they are easy (he acknowledges this too, sometimes, when he fancies playing Devil’s advocate).

One morning, a sunny morning, the Devil got so immersed in his new Sudoku that he missed his stop on the bus. He laughed out loud when he realised this and thought about how he was going to be late and have to walk all the way back merely because he was trying to fit a 4 into a meaningless box inside a bigger meaningless box, all to feel satisfied.

This reminded the Devil of a trick he had played last week on the very stressed looking man in a suit that was far too big for him. Each day the big-suited man was waiting at his bus stop and he looked as though he had slept there just to make sure he was definitely on time. He would twitch as he waited and wave his hand in desperation to make sure the bus stopped. Then he would exhale in relief once he had slumped into his seat as if he had had no faith that he would get on the bus. He liked to be on time, you see, the big-suited man, so that’s why it was especially cruel for the Devil to play his trick so that the big-suited man would miss his stop, twice!

It was a rainy day and the Devil had decided to distract the man by asking him about his big suit. The Devil discovered that the big-suited man loved his big suit but he could not work out why. It was new the man said, well, today was actually their four week anniversary, for him and his suit, so “not that new” the big-suited man said grinning obviously embarrassed. He explained to the Devil that he used to have a suit that was far too small and so it was “pretty lucky” that this one fit just right. The Devil in fact hated the big-suited man’s suit; he thought it tasteless and far too big. That was another reason why the Devil’s questioning was so cruel because he didn’t care about his suit at all. The Devil asked many questions: “so what’s it made of? And how many pockets? And what’s the biggest thing you could fit in there? Is it warm? And what size is the suit?

The man was so caught up in answering that he missed the first stop and then the second!

And do you know why the Devil did it? It’s because a few days before the Devil had sneezed on the bus (he has loud sneezes the Devil, he’s an attention seeker) and after this particularly debilitating sneeze he looked searchingly for a mutual smile and, of course, a “bless you”. With the big-suited man on his left, in his usual spot next to the big window, he looked across and all he found was the big-suited man searching his big suit for something: no acknowledgement in sight. Well, that’s all it took for the Devil to start planning.

As the Devil was slowly released from his reverie he realised he had now travelled so much further than his stop as he relished in making the big-suited man miss his stop that he may as well continue his journey until he had looped all the way back around. In this, the Devil delighted and anticipated another such trick. So, if you see the Devil on the bus, sitting back solving Sudoku, and he happens to sneeze, be sure to say “bless you”.