tips and tricks on how to look after your body and mind

Meet the incredible Isabella. This month she will be taking our theme of body and mind, and exploring how we can return to calm during this frantic time. Her approach to Hatha Yoga is relaxed and focused on loving yourself and changing your relationship with your body. Here she introduces herself, and gives us some invaluable tips of how to keep calm and move in a mindful way.

About me

I am a qualified Hatha Yoga instructor, having graduated from my 200h YTT in Varkala, India in 2019. I have since completed additional training in ‘Yoga for Stress and Burnout’, ‘Yoga Therapeutics’ and ‘Yoga Anatomy’.

I discovered yoga in 2017 while recovering from various serious health struggles, both mental and physical. My journey since has been a very bumpy one to get to the position I find myself in now; healthy and able enough to teach what I love and share the amazing discoveries and the techniques that have helped me. I learnt to facilitate my recovery and manage my emotions and anxieties through yoga, mindfulness and meditation (amongst many other contributors and inspirational people). Yoga also helped me to rebuild my physical strength and most importantly a positive relationship with my body.

I am so very excited and grateful to now be able to share what I’ve learnt, the magic of yoga and to be able to help others as I was helped. I can integrate my creativity and compassionate nature into creating a range of classes for all bodies.

To share the wonder of valuing your relationship with yourself. To empower others to show up for their health and wellbeing and to know that there are some things that are within your control. You can tap into your own power. I aim to create a safe and welcoming space, as well as provide tools for people to achieve this.

I hope with Slow & Flow I can create and provide classes that are accessible to all. Any body and every body can practice yoga. I intend to provide options and a variety of classes to suit a variety of bodies. I hope that my mindful approach to life, full of gratitude and love, can help others on their journeys.

Tips for coming back to calm…

6 ideas to integrate mindfulness into your life at the moment

A big help for days in lock down or working in over drive.

1. Pausing and Noticing

Notice & acknowledge what’s going on in your head in that moment. Are you ruminating or overthinking about the future or past?

What thoughts, worries or stories are there?

Try and greet with a sense of kindness & spaciousness & come back to your breath.

2. Find sweetness in the little things

Next time you make a cup of tea, the sun light peers in through the window.

Or you catch some new flowers blooming on a walk.

Maybe pause and pay attention to each moment.

Can you enjoy the taste, the feel, the smell or look of that moment?

Perhaps bring a little gratitude into this.

3. Connect to your breath

Observe the natural rhythm of your breath.

How does it change from feeling relaxed through to when you may be panicked or anxious?

Take some time to observe this.

Gently slow and deepen your breath to feel a little calm.

4. Body Scans

An amazing way to connect with your body...

Body scans allow you to observe how each part of your body is feeling in that moment.

5. Mindfully Move your Body

See if you can engage in your daily activities or exercise in a mindful way.

Move with care.

Allow yourself to let go of tension.


6. Anything that makes you feel good ... everybody is different. Find what works for you.

Check out the posts on the Slow & Flow page for more guidance & details on each of these. You can integrate them into your days and come back to them as and when you might need a little bit of grounding. Routinely or sporadically, what ever works for you.

Moving your body mindfully

Keeping your body and your mind healthy is very important right now. Listening to what your body needs each day is key to staying healthy. Whether you need to rest up, chill out or get movin and groovin can change from day to day.

Listen and be kind.

Moving mindfully invites you to reject fixed exercise regimes and embrace a checking in with your body to give yourself the right movement you need in the moment.

Whether carrying out day to day activities, working or exercising see if you can bring some awareness to the way you move... to the sensations and any thought patterns surrounding it.

Move for the right reasons.

Move with love.

How ever you are keeping active see if you can bring this to mind...

What do I need?

How does it feel?

Bringing more awareness to the way you move.

If you’re a key worker who’s life may have gone into overdrive, opportunities for this may be hard to come by but hopefully you can take something from this to help support your mind and body at this time.

Tips and guidance for a mindful yoga practice can be found on the Slow & Flow social media pages. Check for updates on live online Mindful Hatha Yoga classes. With a big focus on working with our miraculous bodies and not on them

Due to COVID19 all studio classes are cancelled until it is safe to return. Keep checking my website or social media pages for updates when classes will return. Until then I’ll be providing online yoga classes and helpful tips for coming back to a place of calm to help guide you through this time.

These updates will all be posted on the Slow & Flow social media pages:

Instagram: @slow_flowyoga

Facebook: slowandflowyoga