Clarisse's recommends:

Naomi Klein's
'On Fire: The burning case for a green new deal'

Klein’s book is a collection of articles written between 2010-2019 tackling the climate crisis. She covers a range topics, including the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the disturbing nature of climate racism, the apathetic nature of the ruling elites and how a Green New Deal is essential to combat the consequences of climate breakdown.

First of all, an important thing to mention is that this book is a hopeful, optimistic one. The climate crisis is almost unthinkably huge and it’s easy to feel helpless when thinking about all of the possible consequences of the crisis. I was drawn to the essays because Klein focuses on what action we can take, instead of just listing the cold hard facts about why we’re screwed.

This isn’t to say that the book treats the topic lightly, because that isn’t the case. Klein shows how for people in majority world countries, climate breakdown is already a terrifying reality due to the actions of Western countries. She is harshly critical, and rightly so, of the way the West treats people fleeing the consequences of climate breakdown.

Klein is also severely critical of capitalism and pulls no punches when it comes to describing how capitalism is one of the causes of the climate crisis. An example of this is when Klein illustrates how the forest fires in North America are directly linked to timber companies putting profit over common sense. Throughout the book Klein proves how someone cannot be simultaneously pro capitalism and pro Green New Deal.

Klein expertly builds a steady momentum throughout the book, it felt like a ticking clock, counting down the years left to reverse the environmental breakdown. Starting with the consequences of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and culminating in how we can make positive, lasting change.

I absolutely loved Klein’s vision of how a society which priorities green infrastructure and policies looks like. A society which prioritises people over profit, public transport, a living wage for everybody, a commitment to equality and an emphasis on skilled jobs. Klein expertly shows how there can be no environmental justice with social justice. By the end of this book, it’s easy to see a Green New Deal is the best solution to a huge problem of our own making.

There’s a lot of other points that I’ll have missed out, the scope of the books is huge!

If you’re after a brilliant, eye opening read, then this book is definitely for you. I will definitely be reading more Naomi Klein in the future, starting with 'The Shock Doctrine'.