Hey there old you

From that time before when I was sore and broken.

You look more grown than that old time

More distant somehow, somehow more protected.

And I have felt the weight of my punished soul

Dragging behind me

Perching on my heavy shoulders.

You are a wonder

And I have wondered if you really were the one to make us a two.

Just old me and old you.

I am fixed now, pieced back together with love and understanding

And acceptance that no man is sheltered from hurt and pain. We are all vulnerable to the storm; no man’s sail is as strong as the wind of life

Nothing is as powerful as love and strife.

But you are powerful. I feel your strength ooze from those deep lagoons and I cannot wait

To sit and learn from it.


You are the magic

That life craves.

The sparkle against

The dull city

And the shitty

Monotony that we all fear.

You are the sugar

In my black coffee.

Taking away the bitterness and

Replacing the shittiness

With twinkly eyes

And soft words and stuff.

My life glimmers when you are in it

And every glance sends a shiver down my spine and every minute

You radiate the future.

I see it flickering in your brilliant soul.

Put my hand on your chest,


Just rest it there.

Praying some warmth will seep into my core.

I have never wanted you more than now.

All those before

Were shadows leading me

To true light.

You shine and dazzle in the dead of night

I explode with the thought that one day we might...